Park / Valdrakken


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    Wow! Awesome!!!

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    Great Park though it's a lot of gray and brown, the towers could have been made with more colors.

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    Impressive towers, I really like the grand scale of things in a relatively small map, the terrain also has some nice elevation changes. And the landscaping is quite well done.

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    There are some wonderfully creative moments in this park. I love the little bull pen, and I love the detail around the huge wooden doors halfway up the towers. The waterfall at the back of the park coming out the yellow circle is another great moment.


    If you hide scenery, essentially the whole park disappears. I'd love to see rides or peeps wandering around, as just moving aspects of the park help bring it to life.


    Even if you don't want to create a "theme park" all these moving parts can add life to a scene, and I'd expect towers of this size to have a lot of activity around them. That activity would provide some context as I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking at if I'm honest! I just know I appreciate the vibe and the innovation and all the fun little scenes built into it.


    I'm super impressed with the scale of the building and how well the landscaping flows. Most of all it's apparent you had a ton of fun building this and that is by far the most important and something we should all aim for!

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    Yooo this is pretty sick! Love the rockwork, the combination of dirt tile objects and brown Fisch rocks works very well imo. The big buildings are the highlight of the park for me. I myself to this day still struggle with making buildings on this scale not look monotonous or incohesive but you nailed it in all aspects with the touches of colors because of the flags and the interesting shapes for the trims and roofs. I would've maybe reduced the amount of blossom trees and added in some more green ones to make the remaining blossom trees 'pop' more while also creating a more cohesive picture with all the greenery happening on and around the rocks. Stunning park nonetheless!

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    It's an impressive piece of RCT with some great buildings that you managed to make very similar but still interesting enough to keep my attention for a while. My main issue is the lack of movement tbh. Some peeps or moving rides would've helped this be even more cool than it already is.