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    quick thoughts---absolutely incredible. some of the most refreshing and original realistic european theme park design we've seen in a long time, full of brilliant ride design and themeing. very clean, excellent traffic, really fantastic from me.

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    Someone's h2h stock just rose significantly!!! What a fantastic park. As Cocoa said, super refreshing.  A massive improvement from you in both your parkmaking ability and your style in general. Super excited to see what you do this season!

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    I'm mostly a lurker on here but this is amazing. Love the blend of creativity and realism. I also particularly am amazed at the coaster designs. Excellent work.

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    High quality park, you clearly put a lot of thought and intention behind your theming and planning which I respect a lot.  You're great at creating memorable scenes and viewing angles which works well with your more macro style.  Few quick comments... I think your archy scale is a little on the small side, I get this is sometimes a creative choice but I couldn't help but notice it a lot here.  Second, some of the surroundings maybe weren't quite up to snuff with the park interior, a little disappointing but overall they added more than they took away for sure.  From a pure realism perspective I think there is a lot missing here too, but if I don't think that was really your intention here either.  The coasters were all distinct and very memorable so that is a big plus for me, really felt like a classic NE park in that way.


    As a whole this is a really solid park. not sure exactly on my vote yet but overall you should be really proud of it, and regardless of where the score ends up I hope you can produce more just like it.

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    I know I said this a million times while doing the custom music but this is one hell of a release. As Cocoa said, this is some of the best highly themed European-style realism we've seen in a while, probably since Riverland. A wide diversity of immersive themes with incredible detail and definite Efteling vibes throughout. IMO the standout moment is the troll area, specifically the view of the mountain with the log flume and the coaster. Honorable mentions include the fantasy swamp area, Aquatica and that incredible Gerstlauer layout, Ritual, and the shop areas in the outskirts. Also it only took me until now to find out everything has interiors?! The dedication is unreal. Definitely Parkmaker material, hopefully Elite.

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    I absolutely love this. This release was definitely a surprise for me, but a very welcome one.


    When first opening the park my eyes interestingly haven't focused on the park itself first, but in the outskirts. You did a very well job on all the infrastructure. It was so good, i didn’t even mind the Steve tree spam. Not many of us can build it at this level at the moment. I also really liked the hotel buildings. You used the half diagonal walls here to your advantage to create a unique and fantastic building shape. My mind blew away when i found out you also included indoors. This shows some dedication to world building, i really appreciate it. The little mall section next to the hotels worked quite well too, although i needed a moment to figure out what it was and why it is here.


    After i spent a crazy amount of time admiring the outskirts i was finally able to get to the entrance area, which isn’t less fantastic. A bit more variety on the buildings especially looking at the roofs might be wished here, but all in all it’s a very nice and very fitting entrance to the park you’ve built. I love the gate situation you have when coming from the parking lot and i also really do appreciate the way you opened up the paths once the guest comes through the mainstreet. It’s very immersive, i’m sure the view on the lake would be spectacular as a guest.


    Aquatica and the Kraken is an area we all know and love very much from your screens. I really appreciate that you took your time to polish it and created a very unique coaster layout. With the ride sitting above the area nicely you’ve showed some impressive ride design skills here. I also really like the marine themed flat rides throughout this area, very nicely done!


    The botanical area is very awesome too. You sculptured those giant flowers very well and i think that the rafting ride might actually be one of my favorite ones ever. From queue to ride exit that ride was an incredible experience to view. I feel like especially compared to the marine area this one might be a bit too messy on the foliage in some places, overall foliage and landscaping are very well done here, the little sprinkles of odd flower objects work quite well.


    If someone would ask me to describe the medival area with one adjective, i would definitely say „cute“! I really enjoyed the little walls you built here with the draw bridge. The sunflower ride was pretty cool too, it almost feels like a modern day version of J Ks area in Dreamport here. I alo really liked the playground. Curse of Drachenburg is a crazy main ride for this area that creates a nice contrast to the calm and cozy village situation you have going on here. The castle is a spectacular piece of architecture and the heartline role entrance to it feels quite iconic.


    The viking area is my favorite area of the park. I spent quite some time on it since the release. The mountain together with the mine train and flume ride is amazing, probably one of my favorite scenes i’ve seen on this site for a long time. I especially admire how this looks clean and amazing from all angles.


    I enjoyed a lot of the incan/mayan area too. The spaghetti spinning coaster was well made, with the ride entrance definitely being a highlight. I also loved that you went for some more wacky ideas in this area, for example with the ferris wheel and the purple colors. I felt like the later was a bit too much for my personal taste though, especially compared to the other areas you have in this park this one stood out a bit too much for me. You did a great job on the playground again though.


    To conclude this is a fantastic release i definitely will come back a lot to for inspiration. I feel like your future is big, Jene!


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    Where to even start:


    - Hotel & Malls and highway are great addition. they detail is really well and the angles and balconies are executed to perfection
    - Parkinglots are nicely dense and compact
    - loving the detailed options to enter the park, and the pre-entrance promenade especially

    Entrance/Main Street:
    - loving the main gate, and the extra ticket-booth stalls just before the main entrance gate and the securitychecks. amazing details on the main street after it too, and a smart integration of some luxery poolside hotel spots
    - also like the water feature and plaza opening up towards the lake!

    The lake:
    - my eyes got drawn to it and i like the boat and the simple yet well detailed swing ride. all feels like this is an actual themepark by size and execution. loving the details

    Kraken ara
    - lovely coaster design, cool theming buildings that make alot of sense. Loving the terrainwork here too

    - Going around the lake, i got immediately drawn to the theather. great architecture, lovely composition of the crowd too,

    following it further we end up in the incan/mayan area. great spinning coaster layout and lovely entrance theming. The purple was a bit much for me, but does work given its consistently used in the same way and the purple/gold works well to draw your attention

    Back to the north, we find the vikings. what a great theme and again so well executed. the mountain, the logflume and minetrain, great landscape, great achitecture and themed queues, overall i feel this was a really strong area

    The Castle area was really nice too. supergood archy and really nails the town and big castle with a coaster vibe i love.
    strongpoint in this area is for sure the water coaster and the outer defensive wall for the main castle, and the supersmart use of the horse&minecart for a themed trackride was brilliant. the curby path and the kiddy playground being another amazing detail

    final portion is the river-rapids portion where i really like the pagoda shaped roofings that are in the area. the chateuax du Perrault feels like a reference im missing bug overall the park was amazing so thank you and for me the best release of this year already with h2h to come ;)



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    I really like the choice of themes and how they were done, great immersive atmosphere all around (Custom music helps with this - good choices there). And the pathing, love the way the path edges are done and the overall layout, it makes it look very natural and it all flows so well. And that moment coming out of the winding street at the entrance and coming out into that grand plaza area would be a really cool moment from a peep's perspective.

    I like the ride design, solid coasters and the flats rides are really well done, both the custom shoestring ones and the way the base game ones were enhanced and decorated. Also, I really like the use of cut-away inside and outside the park, some fun stuff and nice extra detail.

    The surroundings, the highway infrastructure is really well done as well as the parking lot complex (and I like how it's on the edge and implies the lot is larger without having a ton of it on screen. A nice entrance complex too.

    Also, smooth presentation. Almost zero glitching even in hardware mode, a nice starting point for a good reveal and I didn't see any misplaced or missing objects. Cut-outs were also pretty smoothly done, I didn't have too much trouble telling inside from out which is something I seem to struggle with.

    Overall a great park,  I'd give this one a "Yes" if I had a say in that,  because of the size of the park, consistent quality and the well placed surroundings for context.

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    This park was great! Good job and congratulations on becoming a parkmaker!

    There was so much to explore in this park. One of my favourite things was how the areas blended while also standing out from each other. The incredible sights were also great with the pretzel entrance to Drachenburg standing out in particular.

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    I first viewed it yesterday. I looked at it again today and I like it a lot still since there's so much for repeat viewings. I like the caricaturist or painter, whichever that is. The dragon in the lake is fun, as is the singing pirates. I liked the underground detail in the shops in the upper right. The coasters were good too. It seems though that this park is more about the overall experience than having the most thrilling coasters. Good work and I consider it Spotlight worthy not that my layman's opinion means anything in that regard. I'm eager to see the next thing you make, even if that should mean getting demolished against it in an H2h round.

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    A lot of NE users have trouble figuring out how Jene is pronounced. Just remember that it rhymes with green, much like he is now and much like I knew he'd be when he first sent me the save. So proud of you Jene!

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    Very honoured, proud and grateful for Porto Encanto getting spotlight and earning the status of NE Parkmaker. I want to thank Gustav, AvanineCommuter and Xtreme97 for all their help and feedback! Their feedback together with this community and its culture of constructive feedback helped me to keep motivated and to push this park past the finish line. Thanks to Josh for providing such an amazing logo. Also, thank you everyone who has send me PM´s and have been kind enough to leave comments. I love reading those. I´ll post some background information on the building process later on.

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