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    2x Spotlight winner and now 3x Design winner, Turtle returns to our screens with his second design with star in the title, Starflight takes us on a journey through an alien landscape, a theme not usually associated with him. However, his creative spark is very much still here and instantly recognizable. The whole area feels like it has been lifted straight from a Jules Verne Novel, and some inspiration must have been taken from a certain parkmaker. There are only two other rides on the map being the Skyway, an inverted monorail complete with tunnel-esque pylons and Comet chasers, a simple 3D/4D attraction. Read on

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    Great use of color, and I love the coaster coming out of the round hole in the side of the hill. I can really feel the alien/space theme with the white walkways coming out of the hillside. Seems like something you would see built on mars.
    The structures are very appealing too, nice use of shapes and straight lines!
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    I enjoyed half of the design. The half with the station, eiffel tower, etc. was great, but the other half with mostly the layout seemed a bit bare, but I could tell what you were going for. You nailed the Verne theme, one that hasn't been done much, except for Xcoaster really. Not downing on X, but imo you surpassed him with it. Never been a huge fan of your work, but much of your recent work has been quite good.
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    hmmm my vote feels a little low now but at first I just couldn't get into this... I liked bits of it but the layout of the map as a whole was kind of odd because it is divided into little sections. Now looking at it though it seems that is its strength with the little self contained pockets. Some of the texturing is a little meh as well but for the most part I like the architecture. The little details like the info signs, monorail supports and walkways made this a lot of fun to look around.
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    Walkways nothing. That, my friends, is a crashed space station.
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    I've never read any Jules Verne books or writings so I'm not all that familiar with the whole theme, but I could still understand it which was great. I thought it was a solid design although I thought that as the theme was more adventurous and fresh maybe the ride choice could have been more exciting.

    But still was one of the better designs we've had and I thoroughly enjoyed taking time to look over the intricate buildings. Congratulations on your 3rd design!
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    It's not your best work Turtle, but still it was quite nice. The architecture seems a bit oversized, but the buildings provide a good atmosphere. I liked the coaster's layout and originality, but disliked how it was 'hiding' under the mountain. You could see it clearly only from a few angles.
    Congrats on your fourth design, I'm looking forward to more!
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    A great design turtle.I wasn't to keen on the actual coaster layout since it seemed a little awkward however i thought everything surrounding was great.I especially liked all the little interesting things on and around the buildings
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    So, I obviously adored this park. I gave it a 19, shame to see it discarded. There were some neat little touches, and I'm glad I got to help you out a few times, Jem. Even though we all know you don't need it, ha! Lovely work. When are we starting our park, anyway? ;)
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    A great design turtle.I wasn't to keen on the actual coaster layout since it seemed a little awkward however i thought everything surrounding was great.I especially liked all the little interesting things on and around the buildings

    I'd very much agree with this review; I picked out a load of positives when I looked at the Design, but there was just something missing for me... the coaster itself never really excited me. It's hard to put my finger on exactly why, but meh, that's what I thought.

    I liked the pre-ride bit, before the proper launch - I liked how it was clearly visible to peeps before they got in the queue, and I liked the 'hole' in the land, which led to the second launch. I also liked the outro to the ride - the dive down into the final immelmann inversion; a really strong ending.

    Archy was nice, and there was good use of trackitecture - the Eiffel Tower, the multiple 'tunnels' on the track. The hole in the station roof was cool. I didn't get the 'crashed' spacecraft - it just looked like some random white walkways. Initially liked how the map was split up into two, with the land division, but I'm not sure it worked in the long-run; it made the coaster awkwardish? I'm not sure. Theming good; different but realistic and immersive, and did look quite a bit like Tomorrowland at Disneyland Paris which is the same theme.

    So yeh... hard to put my finger on why I didn't LOVE the design, but I thought it was nonetheless a really good design and well worth the download.
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    I actually really liked this one. For something a bit more fantasy then most things I like, it really had a draw. I think what made it work for me was that the map was pulled off so everything was very believable. It was all on an over the top scale with that land formations and whatnot, but at the same time, things just kind of fit.

    First, the coaster.
    When I looked at it the first time, I thought I was probably going to give it a low score. Once I started watching it run some more, though, things got a lot better. I looked away from the realism aspect, and just looked at it as a ride package, which I think works fantastically. The launch tunnel is fantastic-- that would be a great view overlooking the ride before the thing even starts. There's a good mix of inversions and turns, and you keep stuff happening until the end. I like how the height changes in the land work with the ride so stuff is still close to the ground, yet well paced. The station is fantastic with the holes in the ceiling. It all has a great kind of fantasy space, Verne feel to it, which I love. All the little tiny details and scenery pieces really made that.

    The architecture is pretty fantastic all around. Of course, the Eiffel Tower is the highlight, but I also really liked the observatory off from the station. It really captured the mystical feel with everything. You made a really strange combination of stone, wood, and metal look pretty nice. The amount of color in all of it really stands out too. It's not overbearing, but it's not too dark, either. I think I'm with some of the others in that I didn't get crashed space station out of the white stuff on the hill. It looked like a lab or something to me and worked just fine like that, but I'm afraid I didn't see space station until you said something.

    All in all, really nice stuff. It's good to see something that I feel deviates from a lot of the usual designs. It's a cool theme and a great, unique coaster to go along with it. Hope you keep building stuff!
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    I got more responses than that for one picture in the dump place.
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    I love so much the design.... I think it's the most creative work I've seen from you.

    Great job! :)