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    NextElement Challenge Results

    The third ever New Element coaster contest is in the books, on our first full day on the new server. Congratulations to the five listed winners, there is some really amazing things to be seen here. This is also NE's first ever RCT2-exclusive update, so those who have e-mailed and messaged to me about getting more of the 2nd game into NE, I have answered back.
    This is just the first of many, many, MANY updates coming to the New Element viewers.

    This RCT community lives on!

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    It ownz... oh so much... finally, Toon gets his wish to come true, lol. I haven't looked at them in-game yet, but they all look excellent. Congrats on all four placers! Reviews soon.

    -Brent0s :yup:
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    Damn. I thought I had a shoe in there. I swear that my entry was better than RRP's last one. But yeah, maybe you lost it and stuff. :D
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    Altough I haven't dowloaded the coasters yet, they all look very promising, and worthy of the top 5!
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    Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit. :0

    I'm speechless. I opened these up in reverse order and after seeing Butterfinger's astounding feat of parkmaking I thought there's no way Toon could have topped it but I'll be damned if he didn't just put me into cardiac arrest. Absolutely amazing. Infrogames should be paying you big money for this stuff because it all looks 10 times better than anything they've put out. The coaster is just a coaster but the architecture, theming, and custom objects are all unbelievable. I just can't believe my eyes. It's all so flawless. Major props to Butterfinger too for creating a self contained themed ride of such massive scale. It's just a notch below Toon's object making wizardry but way beyond any other ride in RCT or RCT2. In fact, Comstock Dash is now my favorite ride ever. It has some slow bits and it's tough to see what's going on a lot of the time but everything just fits together beautifully. Actually I had a similar ride idea but I never would have made it that huge or intricate. I'm really going to have to start thinking bigger if I hope to compete with you guys. Nate and RRP did some stunning work as well with fun rides and natural landscapes which are definately deserving winners. But those first two practically reinvent the game. I'm not worthy. Congratulations all four of you for a job well done.
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    ye well done toon yours was first class and nate yours was also very good but maybe if you lowered the land level by .1 then it wouldn't glitch as much (just an idea) still a great idea.Butta's was a nice idea but it kinda seemed thrown toghether with way to many trees all the land pointed not flattened and the buildings just seemed like you where trying to put as much as you could fit on them which i didn't like.
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    Applause for everyone here! What I saw in the entries was a major leap forward for RCT2. Whether it be Butter's unbelievable well executed ride, Nate showing us that creatively hacked rides will be a part of RCT2 or RRP with his double entries showing that he's still creating among the best coaster layouts out there, all these entries show us something in RCT2 that we haven't seen before. Butter's western Main Street, the detail in RRP's coaster stations, Nate's use of custom scenery to bury the ride, there was something new in every winner. I could go on for a very long time, but no need. I recommend everyone take a close look at these coasters. They're all great!
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    Toons - I think it was stunning. The scenery could have helped me with my mexico bit in NWA but it wasnt released :(. Ive had to use the steel mouser for ladders :(. Anyway lovely scenery, architecture and a great ride.
    Worthy of a top 2 place.

    Butta - Maybe my no.1 ride in this bunch. Absolutely stunning. Thats al im gonna say.

    nate - Once again a strong entry but defintely a no.3 spot. Great hacked ride and good idea. Nice ideas for custom scenery in the park 2. What ride did you get the boosters from ?? or are they on the vert ?

    RRP - 4th and 5th place was probably right. Nice rides and some lovely theming on sepsis.
    I take it you did the yellow trained woodie and blue trained woodie before you did the teal one. As they had similar layouts and the other went off other places lol...Good job on the timing etc...good tri-dueller

    good job to all but im still sad that toon never released them stuff earlier :'( cud have made my part of nwa much better lol
    only messin toon great job !!
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    2- The most vile number in all the infinity of numerical digits. I hate you Toonie. Well, not really, considering you just thouroughly entertained me with one hell of a coaster.

    But really, my ride truly sucked. It turned out nothing like I wanted it to. Geez.

    But this "Gila" showcases quite an amazing display of masterful art. Your landscaping is almost perfect for the particular theme (it would HAVE been perfect if it hadnt been for those ugly brown rocks towering over the paths here and there..... I know what you were trying for, but it just didnt work for me). The architecture is certainly something to marvel opon. A very different approach, but once again, perfect for the particular theme you chose. The custom scenary enhanced this aspect of course. Custom scenary........ if only I had the patience to master its wonder-working power. The coaster was even well put together, although there were a couple places where I would have liked to see banked turns instead of unbanked ones. All of these positive aspects combined together created one of the best atmospheres I have ever seen, which is really the source of endearment to this coaster from what I can see. (Yes, I had to string together some awkward adjectives in that last line becasue I forgot and simply could NOT remember the synonym I was planning on putting in the place of "source of endearment". How incredibly infuriating.)

    What I would have liked to have seen from RRP is a single coaster built to perfection and waxed with the upmost amount of effort. These two coasters are fine though. Rampage didnt impress me too much at first, but after a bit more gazing, I found that I liked it. Quite a lot. Not that much but enough that I would give you more than 50% compliments. Yeah, I think you get the picture. I found that the landscaping fitted together quite pleasantly, with very nice variations between rocky/treed land and sand. The architecture was only okay, just a bit too dark. More windows would certainly help, but definetly not at many as I had in my station. I hate my station. But anyway, the layout was sort of short and and a little bit flaw ridden, but hey, [B]its a triple dueler![B] What can you expect from one of those. I tried one once and............... well, thats something I would rather not talk about. Sepsis could have prospered from some themeing....... erm, touchups (i.e.- more buildings, both on Rampage and Sepsis). However, I did like the design. I do get tired of beemers, but this one was, for the most part, different layout-wise.

    I found Natelox's coaster to be quite an epic of an adventure coaster. Really, the sudden speed transitions, unexpected turns, and creative ride features all combined together make this a truly great adventure ride in my eyes (And considering I was/am known to crank out some pretty mean adventure rides in my day, this is quite a compliment ;)). The themeing on the other hand, wasnt bad, but really didnt fit the theme as well as it could have.

    Now I am forced to end my rambling at that due to my dad relentlessly bugging me to get off the computer.

    Welcome back New element!
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    nice, third. I'm happy with it although i would have liked first....congrats to all who placed.

    i haven't looked at the parks/coasters yet but they look good judging by the screens.

    final note: nice to see NE is back to its oringal greatness. keep dem updates comming!
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    So now that the results have been posted... is there another contest in the works?
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    I thought RCT2 had reached its current peak with Purple Pill Heights. It appears that even then Toon was taking the game where I never thought it would go. Seriously, I can't but be amazed by those buildings. The detail has been moved from the single tile and single height elevation to fractions. The small arches, the pieces of arches, the flames mounted on walls....images conjured in my mind of real ancient ramshackle cities....

    From a purely objective point of view, a kicking coaster - courage with the unbanked turns, frightening landscaping, astonishing buildings etched into that landscape. And BARENESS! Terrible, really, how Toon has put the rest to shame so easily.

    No more 3x spotlight for Nate, no more hype for Grinch. Mr TT, NE is yours.

    Comstock Dash.

    Magical, really. After all the pissing on UCSR i'm made to eat my tongue, fingers AND nerve endings. Adventurous, compared to other so called 'adventure rides' which are really souped up mine trains with no theme. I know nothing of American heritage, but that didn't seem to matter. Just the concept and the seamlessness of it all.

    Grand Canyon was very cool, just not deep enough ;) Mountain had snow that looked real, compared to little square patches of salt. Buildings- intricate. Foliage- a little suffocating. Innovation- through the roof.

    Far better than Anaconda, and if it weren't for astronomical genius you'd have 1st. Well Done, and I mean it this time.

    Natelox - you've come up with such a wonderful idea that really shows how the new game can expand hacking to new levels. Honestly, that land trick is unbelievable. Very interesting coaster, especially how you worked out that loop/vertical ramp section. I liked the arches in your architecture and the golden/brown colours are yours to keep. Congratulations.

    RRP. Well, two very different entries, obviously, but I can't help thinking that Butterfinger is right. All the qualities from those condensed into one effort would have spawned something far more impressive and worthy of a higher placing. Sepsis had the landscaping and the....'charisma'? I don't know how to explain's one of those rides you just get drawn into and you can feel the atmosphere. Rampage was less impressive in my terms....I think the best three-way woodies i've seen were CoasterCollins way back (well, way back for me anyway). They acted as one entity for part of the ride, but when they split they nevertheless all seemed involved. One of yours was detached from the other two, seeming to lag behind or even leave the sights of the others. It was a shame, only worsened by the lack of intrigue in theming. Sepsis had the power, though, so well done for that.

    RCT2 never looked better. Not to say i'll be rushing to play it, but lets just say i've realised that if I want to be part of this evolution i'm obviously going to have to get my act together.

    Show your appreciation, this really is the forefront of our community.
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    I could only view the first two because when I wanted to open Natelox' entry (which I was most interested in) I got that nice "flashing-loading-window"-RCT2 bug again. Now the game is screwed and I've gotten tired of reinstalling it... I so love that game :@

    I can't say much about Butterfinger's coaster. I liked the idea and the colours and those bridges were cute but I didn't like his architecture, arrangements and landscaping. I thought the coaster wasn't too good either. Most of the jagged rocks (which didn't appeal to me) were cramped with the same 1/4 tree what made the whole thing a bit boring.

    ToonTowner's woody was partly amazing but lost it's aesthetic looks to all those helixes. The theming somehow failed to evoke a good atmosphere for me. I didn't like the bareness either. I sort of had the feeling as if he wanted to have that nice bareness feeling too eagerly. The landscaping was nice though but I didn't like the foliage. It was too mixed with new scenery and old RCT1 originals. The new scenerey is looking more detailed compared to the old and so I think they do not fit together easily.
    I did notice that the architecture was skillful but I still couldn't like it. The buildings gave me everything but a homy feel and looked a little blocky and clumsy I thought. They too, were cramped with various custom scenery which makes me feel like a foreigner in RCT2. You never know what is real and what isn't. (Of course all of it is "real" in a way. I couldn't think of a better word but I think you know what I mean)
    Then I think the colours in RCT2 look a little dead (in general). They don't shine and aren't as clear as the ones in RCT1.
    Hmmm, I should stop talking shit and keep my anger against RCT2.
    I'm glad to see NE in full bloom again. Can't wait for those updates.
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    Well to clear up a few things the three way racers were suppossed to have a split so it is like half racing-half deuling.And as for other things im not keen on rct2 but ill try to get better.Well done to everyone and its good that NE's back
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    Just thought I'd clear this up, as many people are tagging Comstock with an "American" theme.

    It is NOT American themed, it is American WEST themed, as in nothing east of the Mississippi.

    Just thought I'd state that (Although I would hope most people figured it out by themselves from looking at the coaster). If I HAD have meant this to be American themed, it would have meant that I totally neglected the east coast! What a loss that would be ;)

    Also, I noticed that the stats for the coasters are TOTALLY messed up, if anyone who compiled this cares. The stats for Nates coaster are under mine, and Toons' stats dont even exist. But whatever. Do what you wish.
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    No more 3x spotlight for Nate, no more hype for Grinch. Mr TT, NE is yours.

    no doubt he is incredibly talented, but NE never really belonged to anyone. And for the record, if he can turn out a park every month/half month then no one will win a spotlight, but until that day, we will all have a fair chance ;)
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    Great coasters all of you.
    Really even if I entered i wouldn't have beat that because (1 - I don't have access to that brillian custom scenery, and 2 - I am not nearly as good as I am in rct1 with rct2). Gila rocks!
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    No more 3x spotlight for Nate, no more hype for Grinch. Mr TT, NE is yours.

    no doubt he is incredibly talented, but NE never really belonged to anyone. And for the record, if he can turn out a park every month/half month then no one will win a spotlight, but until that day, we will all have a fair chance ;)

    But Mantis said, so screw you Iris, I'm taking over here! A park a month, no problem! Who needs a life? I shall now dedicate myself 24/7 to RCT. My sustinence will be Twinkies and Coke, and god forbid anyone opens the blinds.

    Seriously tho, thanks for the comments (yes even Posix 8@ ). Now to go chase down my ego before it really gets away from me.
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    i said that, not iris.....
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    i said that, not iris.....

    I know, but Iris is the boss so I'm going after him ;)