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Park_975 Khalma Cove

Soutenours vs. Sea Serpents

  1. Soutenours' Tumbleweed Frontiers 17 votes [32.69%]
    Percentage of vote: 32.69%
  2. Sea Serpents' Khalma Cove 35 votes [67.31%]
    Percentage of vote: 67.31%


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  • iris%s's Photo
    The Soutenours (0-1) Present...
    Tumbleweed Frontiers
    <span style='font-family:Times'>ETicket Rides</span>
    Wild Stallion--GCI Wooden Coaster
    Wagon Wheel--Enterprise
    Soutenours' Tumbleweed Frontiers

    The Sea Serpents (0-0) Present...
    Khalma Cove
    <span style='font-family:Times'>ETicket Rides</span>
    Phoenix--B&M Inverted Coaster
    Space Shot--Intamin Hacked Gyro Drops
    Saphire--Stacked Carousels
    Sea Serpents' Khalma Cove
  • mantis%s's Photo
    At first I thought that I was going to find it hard to choose between these parks.

    Tumbleweed Frontiers has a very clever and twisted woodie, and I think the theming is nice and golden. The architecture is a little reserved and maybe slightly simple, but works effectively. A good layout and good landscaping also contribute to what I think is a very good rct2 minipark.


    Khalma Cove is pretty fantastic. Excellent use of hacks without being too overt and a good sense of atmosphere are the main features, but there are several small things that just add up even more. The coaster is one of the better Inverts around - it is exciting throughout, manages the inversions without awkwardness, has very good speed and actually uses the landscape very effectively. Intricate architecture, too, especially with the stacked paths and the 'hanging garden'. I think this park is very good, and just beats out the opposition.
  • Toon%s's Photo
    Hmmmmmmm.....this is a little more difficult
  • Scarface%s's Photo
    I'd say khalma cove aswell....
    Just seemed to have more to it....archy looks a bit boring in tumbleweed

    My guesses on who made them
    tumbleweed - ozone and blind guardian
    Khalma - RRP and Twisted
  • Nessy: Ride of Steel%s's Photo
    I think it's obious who I voted for.
  • Coaster Ed%s's Photo
    Well, shit. I get an error trapper every time I try to open Tumbleweed Frontiers. It only happens when I try to unpause it. I can't vote in this round unless I can get it to work. I really liked Khalma Cove anyway.
  • posix%s's Photo

    Well, shit. I get an error trapper every time I try to open Tumbleweed Frontiers. It only happens when I try to unpause it. I can't vote in this round unless I can get it to work. I really liked Khalma Cove anyway.

    same here.
    I won't vote either until I can make me an opinion of "Tumbleweed Frontiers".
    "Khalma Cove" was pretty awesome and had a very good coaster until the cobra roll. I missed an entrance for the coaster though but I loved it's colours and theming.
    What mini map was that by the way? It can't be the one iris gave us as it has graphic faults when you scroll to the side.
  • Pym Guy%s's Photo
    I too get an error trapper message when I try and load up Tumbleweed Frontiers.

    So yeah, no voting for me until I get both.

  • mantis%s's Photo
    I used the screenshot to judge, because I don't see the problem being rectified for quite a while.
  • Ablaze%s's Photo
    Khalma cove gets it for me, the atmosphere was really good. I especially liked the space music because that helped it a lot. Along with little things such as the 1 wide path which goes round the back of the Invert. The invert although I wasn’t keen on it was very creative, some nice supports. Good try on the custom tree but I wouldn’t want to compare it to the trees in Erwindale.

    I only had to judge on Tumbleweed, it has been done before so many times its boring now. (Looks at all my work)
  • Hevydevy%s's Photo
    For all you people that get error trappers this is what I did... When you first get in the game pause it then click on the banner till it dissapears then un-pause the game. It worked for me.

    Good Luck to Ya,
    Hevydevy B)
  • Coaster Ed%s's Photo
    That makes sense, I suspected it was the banner cause I always got the message right when the banner got to a certain point.

    Wow this one was incredibly hard for me to decide. Both of them were great and it really comes down more to a matter of style really. The buildings in Tumbleweed Frontiers were very well done and the atmosphere of the park was very traditional and very western. The little Indian camp sites were great too especially the one tucked into the rocks. The wooden coaster wasn't brilliant but it was a fairly nice albeit typical wooden coaster. The rocky terrain was a little sloppy I thought but other than that I have no complaints.

    Ultimately I had to go with Khalma Cove but it was very very close. Khalma Cove just has an atmosphere that I find irresistable. I loved the inverted coaster and the mix of rocks and yellow flowers. It didn't have the detail that Tumbleweed Frontiers had I thought all of the buildings had too many windows so it was a tough decision but ultimately it was the butterfly garden that tipped the scales. Very simple idea, but it was executed well and I really enjoyed it. Basically the RCT style still appeals to me more than RCT2. I like the somewhat simplistic architecture style of RCT and the creative flourishes that are lacking in RCT2 even when custom scenery is used as well as it is in Tumbleweed Frontiers. It's that little extra bit of imagination that comes from using bushes and coaster tracks instead of scenery objects that creates the magic for me. Still, even with all that Khalma Cove has going for it I very nearly voted for Tumbleweed Frontiers because it really does a great job of building atmosphere. Great job everyone, I'm sorry I couldn't vote for both.
  • The Drizzle%s's Photo


  • GigaForce%s's Photo
    Go Soutenours..but yes the other one was good, but not better
  • PyroPenguin%s's Photo
    Khalma Bay was the better of the two. Tumbleweed was good but lacked the atmosphere Khalma Bay pulled. The invert there was also incredible.
  • RRP%s's Photo
    Yes khalma cove was the better of the two (of course) but I also liked the other map even if it was slightly unoriginal.It had a nice coaster and overal layout.
    I just think it could have been slightly more original because ive seen enough rct2 western areas to last me a life time already.
    One more thing can people stop saying that they liked my park because I didn't make it.

    go team nessy!
  • thorpedo%s's Photo
    I thought Khalma Cove was really plain. It has a nice invert, and nice archy, but then after that its all just trees. Ick.

    Tumbleweed Frontiers was very pretty. It had nice archy, an awesome atmosphere, a REALLY REALLY REALLY good coaster, and its not all just trees. I like it.