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    Concept: What if Tomorrowland was its own theme park?

    What does that mean? Well, I'm not 100% sure at this point, but a few things I have determined:

    -The 'main street equivalent' is effectively your classic Tomorrowland avenue, flanked on both sides with ride buildings, retail, and food, but all connected together
    -The park's icon is a rocket ready for launch, roughly based on a Falcon Heavy
    -There's a peoplemover, not sure on how extensive a network this is though
    -One of the main E-Tickets is an updated 'Rocket to the Moon', with the focus on simulating a ride on the park icon. It's in a NASA-looking building and is to the left after entering the park
    -Next to the rocket E-Ticket is 'Mickey's Space Camp', obligatory kids area #1
    -MUCH further back in the park are more science fiction based rides
    -Tentpole roller coaster themed to Blade Runner (don't care about IPs Disney did some weird stuff back in the 90s so who knows)
    -I have NO idea how to do the transition between hard science fiction and the back area so this will probably go well
    -I'm building Horizons on the right side of the park
    -May or may not be Space Mountain I'm honestly not sure

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