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    "First time I used custom scenery"

    Shut up. This is brilliant. Somehow reminds me of XCoaster.

    Not saying it's perfect. I think you should find a way to deal with the flat roofs better, or at least make it look like it's supposed to be flat instead of "I didn't have an idea for this roof so I left it flat". Secondly the building with the checkered roof is out of proportion; it looks like an collapsed extreme overweight dude with a tiny dick. Thirdly you might want wider paths here. It looks alright as a sort of palace backyard garden thing, but it's not functional as the entrance to a major theme park. This is not a garden but a pedestrian highway. Lastly: be carful with different colours for different buildings. I like the colours here, but if you make every building another colour the result can be very messy and uncohesive... Implement some motifs or colour schemes in the area. Make certain colours, textures and shapes more common and use them consistently.

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    You are kinda right about...everything o_o.


    Also, that analogy, just wow, yes you are right about it, but it was just...unsettling.


    Anyway, I made a lot of use of your advice (anyway, I have tried) and changed a lot about it. I just uploaded it.

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