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    Dear Chairman,


    The rumors you mention, sadly, are true. I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment, it is an embarassment. At the same time, however, the event doesn't come without its benefits. The uprising allowed us to showcase the true strength of the occupying forces, and it should also be noted that no permanent damage was sustained on the capital. In the grand scheme of things, this was nothing more than a blip, a blip that has been extinguished as fast as it arose. Even the citizens are calling it "The 2-hour riot". The perpetrators have since been dealt with, and we have moved on from the incident. It is but a memory.


    If you are still considering my termination, please first take into account that our forces have pushed 10 miles south in the past month and show no signs of holding up.


    Head Counselor

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    It's too good, ugh gawd. Even though you have a giant space, it's just so well put together and atmospheric beyond all hell. This park is going to be a true beauty if you keep it up!

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    wow thats so cool.

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    Why won't this be in the final version?

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    @FK Thank you very much. I love this project and I'm just glad other people can get a lot out of it too.


    @thirteen Thank you, always appreciated.


    @Coasterbill This screen is purely for the story aspect of the project. I think it breathes a little too much life into the downtown area, but there are a few logistical issues as well. When you put that many peeps into a grid to walk around they form their very obvious patterns of walking and won't walk to some squares, so I messed with perspective and had multiple layers of path winding in different directions, so some of the peeps on here are actually 40ft in the air. Being in such close proximity the peeps also get angry and lose lots of energy very fast, which makes it look dull after just a few minutes. If I could solve both of those problems, I would consider keeping it, but as far as I know that isn't possible.

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