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    the opposite angleSCR44_zps9d5b4909.png

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    That fence screams "fair / carnival" to me... very nice. Everything is a bit large but it's nice to see some larger scale parks that look drastically different from the rest of the work on NE.


    Great job!

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    I love it. Very creative and feels different.

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    Everything seems like it;s plopped on top of the concrete. Maybe it's supposed to be like that. But if it's not, try adding a few small planters here and there. 

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    Very nice elements on this screen, they just feel disjointed. There are buildings that feel massive like others have said, but other stuff is actually small/too small for the large scale. The carnival games should, at minimum, not be 4 times the size of a donut shop in my opinion. The corkscrew coaster is very nice but again, feels small, especially when a carnival booth is twice the height of it. I also agree that you could use something to tie the buildings together across the paths; maybe just extend the grass a little from the building to add gardens. 

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    Fun and colourful. I would maybe add a custom floor to the carousel tho the sand blends in with tan brick. planter or 2 but apart from that.. great stuff

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