Screenshot / Thunderhead Canyon - Dynamite Blaster


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    On the pallet? what is that anyway

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    Loopy, you just have a way of making LL look so fantastic...great diagonal transfer and brake run. love the batwing and transition out of it. however the corkscrew looks a bit buried under the brake run, maybe it's just the view though.
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    just stunning. probably the best screen in this project.
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    Is this close to coming out?

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    What is with all of these super old screenshots getting bumped?

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    not a bump, but a reminder.

    still looking epic, Loopy.

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    because when somebody comments on a screenshot, it gets put on top

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    I'm excited to finally see this invert

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    With someone like Alex now, this is suddenly sub-par.

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    Eh, I wouldn't see this as subpar at all. It's still incredibly pleasing from an aesthetic standpoint, is detailed but not to the point of messiness, and has plenty of well-executed ideas. If anything, while I adore Alex's work, it's made me appreciate the spareness and cleanliness of Loopy's work.

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    I agree with Robbie. I'm still a fan.

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