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    I actually like the round better, reminds me of a diner. You could totally get an 80s feel going with more round parts, I think. You just have to get clever with the walls. 


    Outside of the building, give your queue more breathing room. You can build canvas areas, but have some open queue as well with enough breathing room for even just some basic bushes and grass (take a look at the old Great American Scream Machine queue for inspiration, perhaps). Breathing room is needed around the building as well. Water should probably have some shoreline and be bigger, right now it's just a weird rectangle pool that no one can swim in. The track flying above is a neat idea, but seems kind of pointless. I think a classic Vekoma would be utilizing that for either corkscrews or loops over the path, which typically makes a much better statement to the guests on the path than just a slow meandering final curve. 

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    Not bad by any means. A few more details and interaction and it'll be a lot better though. 

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    I think the supports need work, they look messy. I think they're too close together in the turns. The path doesn't work for me either. You might be tring to create a theme somewhere else but I'd suggest changing that. I like the station a lot
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    I'll give you 50 bucks if you can explain to me how that transfer track would work. ;)

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    I'll give you 50 bucks if you can explain to me how that transfer track would work. ;)

    That isn't a transfer track. 

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    then what is it :p

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    It's a brake run. 

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    yes but then why all the things around it, there's no need for all of that

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