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    Welcome to the new millenium! We have no big expansions this year, but we do have some huge announcements. First of all, De Bedriegertjes may see a foreign takeover soon. An investor from across the pond called Rob Alvlees has contacted the park. The first talks have been constructive, his ideas for the park seem to match our own vision as well: the park needs more spectacle. For this we're opening a new major roller coaster next year!


    The other announcement concerns the region. The touristic potential of the region hasn't gone unnoticed, several parties are contemplating investments. One of these is Center Parcs, which plans to open a brand new park soon. This new park will be close to De Bedriegertjes, but also not too far from Slot Swaffelhoeve. The future location of the park has been marked on the map below.


    It's not known when the park will be ready, it'll take at least a few years.

    One thing is certain, though: next year our new roller coaster will open! Hopefully we'll have news on the Rob Alvlees takeover as well.
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    Major roller coaster! I'm sold.


    Great to see this continuing, as the timeline format is very interesting.

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    LOL, Rob Alvlees.


    I hope he never gets the cash to do such a thing! :p

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    Im not too sure on that Rob Alvlees deal. he sound like a bit of a "klier"  to me....


    Nice progress though. will be interested to see Center Parks (Aquamundo? Jungle Dome? ) and the new coaster

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