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    comment below
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    No feedback?

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    First of all don't ask for feedback within a day.
    Second of all show a more detailed screen. Right now I'm looking at 70% empty grass and a few trees, a coaster and a building. But I can't really comment on it because you zoomed out too much.

    I do hate the person that gave this 10% and didn't say anything about it. :p

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    ^That would be me you hate then.


    Sorry, but it's just a hideous screen. I don't meant to be nasty, but there seems to be no thought put into the foliage, no real consideration into how to take the screen.


    And the coaster layout is really bad. I mean, you've called it a mega-lite, which means you are aiming for some level of realism, which this doesn't have. And even for a more fantasy based coaster, it's not got any flow.


    Sorry. Keep trying though

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    it looks rather uninspired. take a look at some of the parks here with high scores and you can see the type of style this community prefers.
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    The water splash is a neat idea, but after that, it just meanders around with little interaction. 

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    Technically, it does have interaction, csw. It just doesn't have much purpose in what it is doing.


    Witting, I think this layout needs improvement, but isn't beyond saving. I kind of like the curves you have heading back toward the station, even if they're not the most realistic "mega-lite" thing to do. Everything from after the water splash to the airtime hill just below the pond should be revisited. Also, if you're doing a mega-lite, you may want to go a bit shorter. That, or just make it an intamin mega.

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    first off all sorry to everyone who thinks this doesn't belong on here.


    I don't I will be able to change the layout because the park it' build in is glitching out a lot.

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    Well, I'm not a seasoned veteran here by any means, but I do think it belongs here. Please don't mistake our criticism as being negative. Nobody here is saying or even implying that this doesn't belong. It's where your skill level is at now. But there's no way you're going to improve if we don't tell you what can be improved. And there's absolutely no way you're going to improve if you can't take criticism.

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    Listen to Domo. We'll try and make you better, you just have to put in the effort yourself to.
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    From n00b to highest scoring Spotlight in only 4 years.

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