Screenshot / Foggy Mountain: Natural Landscape, Waterfall


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    Foliage could be improved greatly. The waterfall isn't bad, just never been a fan of them.

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    Anything specifically about the foliage? Is it the incompleteness of it and the lack of underbrush? The foliage choices? The density? The colors? Something else?

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    Tree selection doesn't work well together, there is nothing but trees, they seem randomly placed.


    Even large parts of foliage need thought applied to them, check out Ashcombe for some inspiration on how large patches of foliage can look good.

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    Not sure pines grow on rocks in the middle of rivers

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    Well they definitely grow on rocks. They don't get very big, but they grow on rocks. I took this picture at Clingman's Dome. As far as in the middle of creeks... I've seen that too, I just don't have a picture of that from my brief trip to the Smokies, so I can't prove to you right now that they do that in that climate.

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