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    I know I have to fix some things, notably supports and some glitches, but some constructive criticism would be awesome! Entirely NCSO


    Here's the rest of the album:

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    That's great, man. Really tasteful. Might do better with a little more life, more color and whatnot, added into it.

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    that's the plan! Thank you! especially as a first time poster that means a lot haha anything i could improve on?

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    You've got some dull textures and some color opportunities you can take. There's a couple tricks that I and Randy/RCT2day found out that might clean up some of this as well. Look at my rougarou aerial if you wanted an idea or a possibility of what can be done with a station similar to this. That and disneylhand's thunderclap.

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    As I said before, I love the layout and you nailed the infield area.  It'll look phenomenal when you put in the queue and some foliage.  I feel like the station should be more colorful and more open.  Try to stay away from dull colors like gray, brown, tan, etc. all together; works sometimes, looks bad other times.

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    what if I used a redish barnlike station?

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    That with white, brown, or black accents would look great!

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    See Kidron park of RCT2day. It's a text-book ncso park :p

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