Screenshot / Haunted Harbour: the ride


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    Honnestly I'm not really a fan of anything here. The bridge looks ugly, the architecture is forgettable, no atmosphere compared to your other screens... I think that this area could be much better with proper layering on the flume and a nice bridge.
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    The bridge is definitely a bit awkward. That station is brilliant though.

    Definitely submit this park for an accolade.

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    Ran a passing train . Super nice .  :)

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    Love it as usual! But the bridge is a no go

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    I admit I got a bit lazy at the bridge, but this exact second I had a brainwave, and this is what I came up with:



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    Better! Not sure about the black though. Try dark green or grey.
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    Second bridge is a lot better, but the location still feels forced to me.

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    Much better, cool bridge. Agreed with Stoksy though. If you move it three more tiles away from the building, it actually makes more sense to have such a large bridge. Plus it'll create a cool looking small enclosed space for the log flume.
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    I like the new bridge, but I still think it could be better. Also, I think the transition from crazy to tarmac by the flume supports could be less awkward. Sorry if others already said this, I didnt read the other comments. Other than that though I really like the screen. You're improving so much with each screen, keep it up.

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