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    This is amazing in every single way.

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    Great stuff. Love the chubby helicopter.
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    This is great. Love the fire right there and that chopper is sweet.

    That paramount object is giving me eyecancer though.
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    Why is everyone hating on my Paramount logo. I know its crooked, but I literally don't know how to fix it. Yea I made it, but it was literally pure luck that it came out somewhat decent.

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    I don't mind the logo at all, kind of gives it some atmosphere and personalized touch that it otherwise wouldn't have. I say keep it.
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    Well, I think I am going to keep because it reminds me when Kings Island was still owned by Paramount and for some odd reason it brings back memories. I know thats a super weird response to something lol. Judge me ok! lol

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    So this is what love is...

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    wow. this somehow looks really awesome

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    Great stuff. Love the chubby helicopter.


    that makes it a ChubbyCopter!


    Anyway! like this very old skool feel.

    There is so many to see in this queue. great stuff@

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    Almost finished with the park until the 1998 opening. I do want this to be like a timeline kind of park after I open it. So it will be peepable of course. Again I know there wasn't no Giant Huss Top Spin until 2002, but we can lie that in 1998 that there was and this Paramount park was the first to have one. Anyway, I guess this is really early for another update since I literally posted screens like a day ago. This will be the last screen until I open the park though. As you can see I added my Mission Impossible top spin. I also added a few scenes from the movie in the queue line. Like the helicopter tunnel chase scene and the part where Tom Cruise is trying to get into that computer while be held by wires from the ceiling. I did add a preshow area, but you can't see it in this pic. Also the grey track that is going from the water tower to the small grey building is suppose to be a zipline. When the Action Zone open at Kings Island in 1999, they would have shows around that area and one of the parts were that actors would zipline down from the water tower. Although Paramount stop doing shows like after a few years the area was open I guess. Also that wall with the Paramount logo is temporary. I have there for guest won't see the undeveloped area of the park when I open it.

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