Screenshot / I can play LL too


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    comment below
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    Try some bigger structures. Start a 30*30 map and try to imitate natelox or rrp. Best way to learn.
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    Thanks, will keep that in mind.

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    Dirk is the real mvp
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    Man, this really makes me want to get my copy of LL working. Good stuff there Gamma, I especially like the little city skyline, and the old Victorian house! 

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    Thanks dude!




    Dirk is the real mvp

    He's the man

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    Keep it up Gamma and you'll be building like the Pro's soon enough :) You got a solid start on the trackitecture, a bit more practice and you'll be off to the races :) Glad I was able to introduce you to LL and get you working in it.

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    Nice usage of those cards. You should use hedges for those trees or flowers are also working well.
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    Thanks guys!

    @Corrillo: I can use the hedge walls, but not flowers/shrubs, because for some reason, Codex and 4cars slow my PC down a lot.

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