Screenshot / Tomb Raider: The Ride!!


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    Damn cool.

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    Also another annoucement is that the park is going to have a new area to the park called Congo. Congo will hold all of the adventure movie themed attractions!!


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    Planet X has also received a face lift for the 2003 season. 


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    You're definitely one of my most favourite members here! Please keep up the great work.

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    This park is looking amazing! Keep it up! Can't wait to see more
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    Solid silver work. You and theflowdiskord are brining back a fun aspect that cold, replicatable realism has lost
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    I love it. Its so alive and flashy. Keep up the great work!
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    This actually reminds me a lot of Tyandor. And I love Tyandor. Good work.

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    This is some throwback awesomeness. It looks like you are actually playing rct rather than building in it. 

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