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    Lots of theming and interaction, that is good. I like the colours too. However it doesn't seem very carefully composed. The path under the coaster might as well have been water, grass or a parking lot - the coaster totally disregards what's happening underneath. A good park is like a classical piece of music, with each instrument playing a part fitting the other instrument's parts without being the same, interlocking into one seamless whole. The coaster, the theming, the landscaping and the infrastructure are all playing a different song.
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    Post some close up screens, so we can see the details better.  What you have is always cool to see, but I'd much rather get a more focused view of a smaller area than see a whole themed land.  Look at how some established members post screens to get a better idea of how to crop and such.

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    I like the invert layout, but Liam nailed it. You need to factor in what's below the coaster too. Some path adjustments may be a simple, quick fix. I have the same problem on my park, but I could only do so much to fix it, you've got more room to play with than I do.

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    Very cool at a glance, but I think the closer I look into it, it starts to fall apart. The interactions are very well done, but taking the rides (particularly the invert) for themselves is quite bland. The invert doesn't have a single inversion, and otherwise just kind of wails around in the air through an unnecessary amount of helixes.  It also lacks a proper station and brake run, which I can't help but wonder why it's not placed in the wonderful temple it runs through anyways. 


    Basically, focus on a key areas of interaction with a true purpose rather than just dumping a pile of spaghetti on your park. 

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    Thanks for that helpful critics. The area around the coaster is by far not finished yet and the coaster actually has inversion but you cant see them in this screen. Theres for example a barrelroll going right through the temple.
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    p good stuff man. say hello to ur first bronze on ne bruh.

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