Screenshot / El Torro Turnaround


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    Love it. Even though it's so raw it's so exciting to see. Is this far along?

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    Technical skill is great, aesthetically lacking. Let's hope that's just due to the unfinishedness.

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    I think it is too early and unpolished to say it is aesthetically lacking, and knowing Phatage's work, it's not going to look aesthetically like everybody else.

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    I think the support structure is fantastic

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    I think those structures really do make it seem like the turn around is more banked than it is. good work

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    I like the way the high banking is supported at the top.  It makes that a whole lot more believable.  

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    this is fantastic, hope you get a chance to pick it back up soon :)

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    the footer is badass. never seen someone used that object as footer before.
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    you're really pulling of that orange building well. To cool. Love all the support work. Great to see the Phatage name on anything. 

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    Hadn't seen this. Looking pretty fantastic already. Very clear it's being approached by a true RCT professional.

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    I have to agree with nin here... from a technical point of view it's great but it feels kinda messy at this stage

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    I can already tell its about to be nice

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    by the way, WELCOME BACK phatage! Its been a long time

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    lol dammit when I saw this on the front page I really thought he was working on it again. This is amazing, finish this!

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    Given this was posted 2 years ago, not really sure "welcome back" is quite in order haha.

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    This would need to be updated anyway. "La Cantina" is now "Macho Nacho" AKA the worst theme park bar ever. I recommend putting a maze or something in the building and then creating a massive queue line going all the way down the midway so it can feel up with peeps wondering amongst themselves who they need to blow to get a $10 Coors Light before the park closes for the day.

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