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    I love this, it's a little brown but that doesn't bother me in the slightest.
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    This is really really good. Better than I had dared to hope. You showed the seats/planters earlier, and they work even better here. Despite one missing wooden beam object, the mill is ingenious.
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    Awesome screen man. 

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    All this works really well, really would like to see more.
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    So good. Those magnolia trees are perfect here.

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    Best use of magnolias I can remember. Dense in the middle, but plenty of room to breath on the outside; awesome composition.

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    Thanks for the kind words everyone. I actually was blocking out of some bits, but while doing that I just said, screw it, you get it all in its proper context. I just recently finished up the last of this area and what remains is to wrap-up the last part of the mine train and water ride which is on the opposite side of the path.


    It was truly tricky to get this area done and to get everything to fit into a quite cramped space, considering my details scale is limited to quarter tiles. Even more so when you consider anything you built becomes chaotic very fast, because I don't have complete sets of roofs for instance, which adds 'detail' on its own, which is not always very handy because you easily overload it, when you rather have detail in different spots.



    The missing parts in the mill are actually intentionally missing as it is supposed to be slightly rickity. The mill is definately the element that puts the cherry on top of the area. At first there would be 'just' a tower, but I'm glad I found this solution.


    All in all I'm very proud of this area. You all have to wait for release (whenever that is xD)  to see the coaster though as I want to keep some surprises. ;)

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    Holy shit, you're still building on this park?! That alone is Spotlight worthy imo

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    Very nice. Very neat. Very warm.


    I'd complain about that peach-colored NCSO roof because I don't like that roof but... who cares?


    I also really like that little palm tree in the lower left for some reason...

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    This looks like a park I would absolutely love.

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    Holy shit, you're still building on this park?! That alone is Spotlight worthy imo

    I like to think so :p
    Yeah, I build on it once every blue moon, just only when I feel like it. That said I'm a bit in a more finishing mood with a lot of stuff in my life, so that means I'm hopeful for EGAS. Still have a week before I depart to a tropical island for vacation, so who knows.
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    Brilliant stuff. Really glad to see this theme being worked on again.

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