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    This is potentially amazing. You have a great start. I'd keep this thing very spaceous and garden-like. That's what makes this screen. Come up with some good rides and let them guide the park layout.
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    Amazing. One of the few things of late that doesn't look like Legos, which I like. Keep it up.
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    I'd push that gazebo at the top of the stairs a few units further back. I really like the stone path, and would definitely consider the addition of fountains.

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    Wow, this has such an imposing and regal look to it. I can totally see some massive, sweeping coasters flying over and through giant gardens/courtyards like this. Wonderful colour choices as the grey, despite being completely abundant, is not overpowering, and the yellow, teal and purple are great accents to it. My only criticism would be the roof choices on the upper building; I don't think the slatted (metal?) pieces suit the area, nor am I keen on the taller tiled ones either. I'm wondering if keeping the same texture as the curved wings on the entrance pillars would work..?

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    Cool stuff. Very regal.
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    Hey, I have been working on this for some time now, but have been stuck trying to figure out how to proceed. Maybe you guys can give me some ideas. I'm thinking of calling it the City of Angels. I want this park to be a very layered city, with different elevations similar to Minas Tirith from LOTR or something. So there will be lots of stairways and elevators, with rides at all kinds of different elevations, interacting with the city. I have no rides yet, as I'm just trying to figure out the layout and style. Let me know what yall think! =)

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