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    This is actually beautiful.

    I would definitely like to see benches and lamps.

    I also think you should use support blocker to get rid of those path supports.

    Great job so far.

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    The path layout seems a little awkward and stale. Maybe experiment a bit with more with more natural shapes and buildings that mesh better with them. The actual construction is nice, just and awkward layout and placement.
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    The lay-out makes a lot more sense when you see the overview, at least it does to me. But thanks for the comments guys!


    I have a question, I need to do a somewhat difficult hack. Is there someone who would want to help me out? It includes a lot of merges and I'm not too comfortable doing them.

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    Randomise the roof tile colours!
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    I like the way every ride is being given space, and the surrounding gardens are really nicely done too. You've used the orange, which is usually quite vibrant and distracting, in a subtle and blend-able way, which I think is great.

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    Thanks for the comments guys!

    @Liam, will do ;).

    @Chcotopian, I'm glad you like the foliage, because I normally suck at it.

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