Screenshot / TLoZ Barinade


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    Excellent flat ride.
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    That's brilliant.
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    J K, is that you? Love this! Do you think you will finish this one day?
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    @liampie: probably not, the things you can see on this screen and on the other screens I posted couple of days ago were built like 3 years ago and I haven't touched the game since then.

    Rct2 isn't running proberly on my Win7 I could barely even take those screenshots without crashing the game. It's a bit of a shame tho because the park isn't even that unfinnished.Theres only missing one area (wasteland/spirit temple themed). Other than that there are couple of unfinnished areas which need some work here and there ( 2 areas are lacking of foliage/fine-tunings) and a few gaps between connecting areas.
    But yea as I said if I don't get any help from others I'm afraid I won't be able to finnish it.
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    Maybe try to find help in Ask the Experts to get the game running again. Or maybe someone who can finish the park for you. Faas seems familiar with Zelda and he's pretty good with RCT!
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    Barinade is fantastic, I have to ask though, Is that diver DarkLink-or Morpha?

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