Screenshot / Lower Class Main Strip


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    I love this! Everything is so detailed and chaotic, but with a purpose! Really captures this "lower-class-market" feeling!

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    Really nice NCSO architecture. A bit more coulors would make it perfect.

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    Well, I forgot to mention that each class has it's own class color(the purple). And since they really just build with wood and some iron, that's why it's so dim. I'm not sure I'll add any more color. I like it dark, and it suits.

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    Wait, this is an "old" screen, isn´t it? Still awesome though...

    Is this xtreme Holland Park still going? That was you, or am I wrong? :D

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    This is an old screen, yes. That park was mine, but this isn't it. I still have that park on my old HDD, just haven't had a chance to get it off yet. 

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