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    oh wow
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    Not a fan of the wall texture you're using on the right side on the edge of the path next to the water.  Maybe just the normal brick texture would look better, might look a little cleaner in game too.


    Rest is amazing.

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    I love how you use those volcanoes against the wall like that, also notice how you made those little abstract glass objects as windows. Fricking nice!

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    Gorgeous volcano usage, love that!

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    Some more flowers could add some more splashes of colour. Otherwise, this is quite incredible.

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    Ice cream van! <3
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    That's amazing.

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    i love it

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    It took me a second to realize this wasn't RCT2.

    Damn dude....
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    The only thing I don't like is the brick texture you chose for the retaining wall, especially with the white fence on top. Just doesn't look as clean as the rest of the screen. If you used that darker brick texture, like you did next to those awesome dome windows, it'll look much better I think. The graveyard ornaments will also blend it better.



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    Jesus, incredible use of the volcano object! I love everything here

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    I don't normally like LL but this is tasteful.

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    Amazing! Just... no peeps? Working them in is not too hard and it would be awesome to see you start using them. The cave facade is sick as is the seating area with hanging decorations. The pointing crossroads sign could use other track types, it's rather dull right now. Love the portholes with the abstract glass balls!

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    Best use of the volcano object I've ever seen. Flawless.

    Agreed with Liam about the brick texture on the water.

    Those dome

    Also agreed that it could use more flowers for some splashes of color.
    Otherwise, yeah this is excellent.
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    Over the years having seen the creative use of the volcano object, I always felt/hoped that it would end up looking like this one of the times, it really does capture a fake rock look and it works great on the entryway.


    I actually like the brick texture against the water as well as the fence you used above it. I'm not a fan of that 2x2 chunk of land in the middle of the fountain, I think it would be better flattened out.


    In addition to other flowers I think you could change the color of the flower on the lily pad tables to add a splash of color among the seating area.

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    The ice cream truck gets me every time.
  • Description

    Project start over at 01.15.16

    'Aquarium Restaurant'


    Guest dine in an undersea-inspired atmosphere around massive floor-to-ceiling centerpiece aquariums. Menu offers steak, seafood, chicken and desserts.

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