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    This is pretty cute. I like it

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    This is dope. But you already knew that...

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    Beautiful! Love the log flume with the railroad underneath it. Colours are nice too.

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    Love it
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    That entrance gate to the Q       *_*

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    Really cool stuff.
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    Wow this is sweet. Always a good sign when I see a screen and instantly can imagine myself on the ride. The lift out of the station through the tunnel/tube would be so fun, I'm picturing it filled with cool lights. Just all around great screen. Oh, and good picture editing skills haha

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    Use of the tubes here is really quite brilliant. Surprised that we haven't seen that before, at least for a flume I think? Station building is really nice, too. Great stuff.
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    Really creative theming and clever track usage. Really excited to see where this goes.
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    Is this the same john back from 2000s???

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    ^Nope Jonny93 and John are not the same person.

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    v cute

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    Dang it! I was busy with a rcreation of Flash Back alongside Psyké Undrground! Oh, well... that's for the bin now I guess ;)

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    Real good stuff Jonny, love how colourful it is!

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    Cool stuff indeed. I don't know what I think about everyone wearing pink/purple though.. 

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    This is great. The scenario reminds me of it very much. 

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    So clean and fun!

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