Screenshot / Corsair Veredian


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    man, that twisty tree is just perfect

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    why thankyou Cocoa, you'll be relieved to hear they're super easy and quick to build!


    just kidding, they take a fuck ton of time and effort and zero clearancing everything in there is a fucking mission. and in the end you basically just cover it all up anyway. the things we do for RCT..

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    haha, I can already see how much track is in there. I would just say 'fuck it' and build it out of deco blocks or something :p

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    check out all the tracks in game if you can, i had fun naming them..

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    went back to check them out, stayed for the park :p


    so good, I even saw some little details I'd never noticed before. like the woodie's drop, that was sick

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    seriously some of these atmospheric screens get such horrible votes, I can't believe it.

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