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    wonderful! who rates this 65%?

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    oh my fucking god this is sweet!

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    It's nice, though I wish it was a bit more texturally interesting; stucco, bricks, peeling paint, creeping vines... the like. It just feels very flat to me, like your early work on Legacies back when it was still just the flyer design. The colors are quite nice, though.

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    Cool. That's the stuff I like from you. But I think the parasols need to be lowered one piece.

  • Steve%s's Photo

    Those entrance gates are the shit.

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    Classic Liampie. Love it.

  • FK+Coastermind%s's Photo

    I second Robbie


    Also, all that orange on the roofs seems a bit too much. Even a different shade of orange might help differentiate the buildings.


    Digging the atmosphere though!

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    I agree with Rob, this has your same old charm but doesn't take it to the next level that we're seeing with some of your other work. 

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    Love the architecture especially, but I think everything looks great.

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    Oww man... i like this!


    Faas is right imo, those parasols look better if lowered.

    I'm not sure about the windows on the first building, looks strange...

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    I'll be honest I'm really not feeling your recent stuff Liam. The atmosphere isn't there, and although it seems technically well done and highly detailed, it still feels kind of dull.

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    Great little flower pot :) And I like the positioning of the street lamps too.  I do agree with the comment about the first building's windows though.  I think the arches make them seem as though they are partially hidden.  Is there a deco piece that could cover them?

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    nah thats great people don't know what they're talking about :p


    I want to see more of how the foliage/landscaping wraps around those buildings to the right

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    I feel like the path should have more of an earthy tone...maybe not, but I would try it out. 

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