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    It's hard to tell from an overview but there seems to be some good initial progress here. The hilly area in particular seems to have some nice ride interaction and is more interesting than the flat bits, and although some of the coasters here look pre-built, I also see some nice original layouts here. For your next step, I recommend downloading a workbench from this site and experimenting with scenery and buildings. I hope to see more progress from you soon!

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    What do you want me to say about this? Half of the layouts weren't even made by you. Everyone could make this by just randomly clicking. Sorry you have to come up with more than this, this has zero thought or effort behind it, it's just coasters on empty grass.

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    ^C'mon, it's his first park... everyone's got to start somewhere. If I showed people my first park (thankfully long gone), they'd probably go blind.


    With that being said, you've posted a lot of layouts on here and made this but you should focus on something a lot smaller. Download a few older parks or some parks in the 40-50% range, start out simple spend some time on your work, most importantly have fun, and move on from there.

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    Yeah but you didn't show your very first park. I didn't either, let alone four sreens of it....

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    try adding building elements to everything. makes the park look more fun

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    Ok so, if I were you I'd look around the site a bit and see how everything's works around here. Look at other coaster layouts and real layouts to make your coasters more realistic. Also don't be afraid to spend time on scenery. Here on NE we are all about scenery, and taking our time strategically building parks, rather than just spamming coasters on blank grass. Foliage is also important you barely have any in this park. Foliage is very useful to make a park more lively and realistic. Also don't make single wide pathes. Those are one of our biggest pet peeves especially how you used them here. Atleast make them 2-4 tiles wide to better help control the peeps and once again make your work more realistic and less hectic.

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