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    I love the Bobsled, that is seriously awesome. Queue line is a little dull and flowers under the trees are a little weird


    Im surprised this is so old, it doesn't show its age  

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    Not too bad. I like the use of the bobsled, the little shot of snow in there is cool, but if you're themeing this ride, I think we should see some more of it in there. Foliage needs some work.


    How long before this old park is released? Get 'er done! I think you've hit a growth spurt and you need to let us some of your new potential in a new park. Just sayin...

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    I'd make the observation tower supports the same all the way up. Looks awkward getting smaller now. And then just totally redo that observation level. Looks like a huge hunting blind or something. Preferably make it octagonal so the views are 360 degrees.
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    Lovely work on the flying turns! Architecture looks good too, but I agree those flowers in the woods seem a little weird. Over all though possibly the best screen yet from this project!

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    I don't like this much, composition is lacking and foliage is quite awful. It's obvious that most of this is ancient!
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    On second thought just get rid of that tower or move it, doesn't make sense there.

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    I have mix feelings about this, but I kind a like it. It's interesting

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    To much of the large grass object. Everything is fine except for the underbrush which is very odd.

    Parks dont just have tons of long grass everywhere, flowers and rocks etc... are more common.

    Rest is fine, just think the screen is taken at an odd angle.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys, this'll be released in a few weeks. I thought of submitting it unfinished but since it's already at least 80% done, it would be a waste to do so.

    And yes, it's obsolete; probably won't change much because it needs to be finished but I can safely say this'll be my last non-OpenRCT2 park.

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