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    Looks pretty interesting, I would try to remove the 2 supports on the water slide tube thingies on the right. Other than that it looks very monochromatic, but it kinda works in this case. Maybe try to experiment with different colours a bit.

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    Loving the queue.
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    If you don't want it to be this dark, use less black. :p White as a base colour could've been good, as well as bright blue and yellow accents or something. Those are colours quickly associated with weather.
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    once you go black, dont go back. especially when liam suggests it.
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    I like the black the way it's used. Some accent color would be nice tho.
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    about as interesting as a factory can get. although I'm wondering why there's a space shuttle on top of that big tower - how are they supposed to get up there?

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    Housed in the Weather Control Center, the Stormrider takes you on a thrilling high-speed adventure through the dark with sudden stops and drops.

    The building turned out a little more dark and brown than I intented it to be, but all in all I'm quite satisfied with the result. It houses an extended Zierer Four Man Bob.

    As with all my previous screens, part of the Yokum Creek Park project.

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