Screenshot / 1979 - Attractiepark Blaarmeersen

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    The public asked for bigger rides, so we gave them what they want.






    The biggest new ride is the log flume Old Silver River Flume! Our designer Wardley got to know this type of ride on a study trip in America and he was so enthusiast about it we decided to get one too. Marc Pille did the business with Arrow while Wardley and Ross Bob worked on designing the ride and the fitting landscape. 






    We layed a path near the drop so the visitors can see it optimally. We've also placed a toilet block.






    The other two new rides are built on the other side of the lake. We decided to build a pirate zone, because children play also pirates. Roodbaard is a darkride where you fly in a pirate ship over piratesque scenes. Fully designed by our own designer Wardley, who had a busy year. The other new ride is a pirate ship that swings. We named it De zwarte parel. 



    There are rumours that Pille signed a contract with Arrow for multiple rides, but Pille won't deny or confirm that. He only says the park will take it easy next year so they can invest heavily in 1981 when the park has their 5 year anniversary. 

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