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    Holy shit, where were these objects when I made the disaster bench last year? This is brilliant.


    I actually like the concept too. Fun stuff

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    Thanks. I really appreciate it. 

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    I love those wooden walls. Looks great.
    Interesting concept.

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    Cool concept, the execution could use some improvements. Nice start.

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    Thanks everyone.

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    Interesting idea! Huh, it's pretty damn interesting if I do say so myself.

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    Sorry to rain on your parade but honestly I can't see what's so good about this, and the current 56% score puzzles me. The concept of renting a bike to ride around a garden is good! But the object selection here is hideous and the execution also leaves a lot to be desired. Why is it above ground level? And why is it mostly path if it's supposed to be a garden? The asymmetrical plan also looks completly random, not carefully planned as one would have expected with a ride like this.


    The foliage around the garden/ride does look interesting, even though the combination of spruces and those jungle trees is very odd. 

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    Thanks for the reply.

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    I agree with mintliqueur, I clearly don't understand the hype. Everything needs a lot of work in this screenshot.. But I agree that the idea is lovely tce_k...

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