Screenshot / Port of Parenzo - Parenzo FunLand


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    comment below
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    Now this is lovely, Looping Star looks really good!

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    Here a comment  for you ;)

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    I love how the pinfari is about 1/3rd of the entire park.

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    Yay, great to see this posted finally! :)

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    This is well done from a technical standpoint but I do not enjoy the aesthic.
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    Thank you!



    Here an answer for you ;)



    Thank you! Yeah, i know haha



    Yeah i'm also glad that it's posted now, can't wait to upload it to the database!


    @A n d r e w

    Thank you, interesting opinion, would be cool, if you could explain it a bit more.

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    Needs taller trees/foliage but otherwise, very nice!

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