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    Other screens:

    Revisit of flux megapark in my style:

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    looks pretty hectic, I'd love to see it a bit closer up!

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    Pretty cool.... I'd like to see a cutaway to view the courtyards 

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    See the drive files, got some close ups, it is hectic but organised, but I cant promise that visiters wont have a difficult time running around; all paths are multiple connected in all corners but sort of the result of what I wanted with having people walk around the arches
    I can try and use the lowest rest to get a bit up closer


    Pretty cool.... I'd like to see a cutaway to view the courtyards 
    (First reply but ill try and add here:)

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    ouch that hurt

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    Btw if someone that makes custom scenery stops by; Id love to have a roman column colorable but then the size of those ugly stone ones, im pretty new in the custom department ;o) 

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    This looks quite nice, great grand feeling with the architecture and integration of the rides and paths.


    But please do not double post... there is an "edit" button for this exact reason.  Consider this a warning.

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    Sorry n00b : Ill try to do better 

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    It's looking pretty awesome, but zoomed out like that we can't see anything. Half the screen is empty grass tiles too. Get one screen of the best angle, crop out everything that you don't need to show (grass!) and post that. You'll get much more and much better response!


    Have you heard of OpenRCT?

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    @Liampie , true thats why I dropped a link to other screens; truth is the scenario isnt finished the grass will be build on eventually but in general im looking for what people dont like as this is my first project including realism and custom scenery, Ive been very much wondering about switching to open RCT but truth there is that I still play my original cd-rom and I never did, would it enable me more control over the scenery data? 

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    Cool stuff

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    Cool stuff, indeed. Welcome to nedesigns. 

    Your archy is very good even if it's too symetric for me, I just wish you would have made the whole thing more realistic. (the double observation towers for example)

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    don't worry about being realistic unless you want to. this is big and crazy and i like it

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