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    Here are the things I want you to delete. The road path and the fence. If anyone can do it please let me know!! It will mean a lot!!

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    Feel free to send me the park via DM. If you tell me what fence you exactly want to delete. Why can't you do it without openrct? Does it need to be done with the tileinspector?

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    It needs to be done in sandbox mode, it's a very quick process. For some reason 8cars own all land feature doesn't own the land of tiles that already have path on them.
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    I would use 'invert land ownership'.


    The overview is very impressive!

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    Overview looks impressive indeed.
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    Wow. Yeah it looks amazing.

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    Color me intrigued... looking forward to your 2nd big release! ;)

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    Can't wait to see this park.

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