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    I'm in love with that wild mouse <3

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    The wild mouse is rather nice, yes, but it's kind of weird to be that there is no buffer from the backlot to the coaster. I like the vibrant colors of the storefronts as well as that really nice sombrero details outside of that store. I can just picture those on the side of a hat store, and it doesn't really look tacky or out-of-place. 


    One criticism, though, and it is dealing with the colors for the flowers and such. I'd either pick more muted colors or ones equally vibrant, but darker. 


    This is great. Keep it up.

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    Best screen you've ever posted. It's like you've improved a lot on a technical level without having lost the I-just-build-for-fun-feel.

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    Wow Fass. This is amazing stuff. Your work is seriously exciting to me. It has great color, depth, thought and cohesion.

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