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    I love that rightmost elevator
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    Great stuff. Love the tiny details, like the ice cream cones in front of the ice cream shop for example. Wonderful!

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    Overall composition is a little messy, but all the individual elements are top notch. Best part of the park

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    The middle building was my favorite in the park, very good macro and micro. The sheer verticality of the screen is really impressive too. I actually really like the overall layout, and think the only thing you needed to do to make it more cohesive was use slightly less variation in texture and color from building to building. Also love the pink rock ice cream cone! :p
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    Brown guy's about to suicide. Oh no. Oh well. No one liked Brent G. anyways....


    All jokes aside, this is crazy work; incredible. There's so much going on, so much so that it seems to conglomerate in itself.....but I love it. Awesome work, on this, Wouter!

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    very good structure, nice

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