Screenshot / Castle Of Gold | Beginning phase 2


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    I like it, especially how colourful and unique it is. Your architecture is also getting better. :)


    Your work still could benefit from better, bigger, and more dense foliage. There are a lot of different things going on in this park (and your other parks) and by not separating them visually, it becomes a bit messy. You can use trees to separate all the different rides and buildings.

    Another tip is to not use the same texture for roofs and roads. Roads look like roofs, and roofs look like roads. Just use a different texture for the roofs!

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    This screen looks quite "balanced".
     A little praise for the carousel decor. The pavement next to it also looks interesting. I like green balloons. The mouse on black tracks is also cool (this hedge fits)
     Greetings. All the best.

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    thx guys and Liampie Thanks for the tip, I had not noticed, I changed the roof :)

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