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    Lovely work! I like the overall composition and layout of this area. I would suggest adding maybe another accent color in there - even if it's just some blue or yellow flowers. And maybe consider adding a couple rocks in the waterfall area to break the straight lines up a bit. Very minor suggestions though, this is really great.

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    Looks quite interesting! I'll echo what josh said and think it could be nice if you added some more colour in there. I think yellow flowers could look nice. Other than that nice work!
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    So glad to see something from you RWE. This looks great. Many improvements in your work. Hope to see it soon.

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    That station looks delightful.
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    RWE was missing your screens.
    This screen is a charm, nice atmosphere, good colors. :)
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    This is really good.

    Nice waterfall, cool queue!

    I imagine a jungle as a bit denser though.

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    i like that- wish It wasn't so close to the map edge! it has a lovely atmosphere along the river ride but its cut off :(

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    Very pretty RWE! Glad to see you're working on stuff. I do agree with In:Cities that the water fall could benefit from being broken up a bit.

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    Overall this looks pretty sweet, but I would do two things. One, I’m not a fan of the midway path... it works in the queue because it’s sparse, but not so much in big sections. The only other thing I would say is make the awning outside the station taller and give it some kind of supporting. It just looks like it’s floating atm. Definitely some of your better work and it looks much more focused than usual, which is a good thing.
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    Definitely one of your better screens RWE. But I do think you could raise all the overhangs and roofs by 1 or 2 units, I just don't think 4 is enough. Outside for that's it's really nice, is this part of a park?
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    Reminds me of SoA, but less clinical.

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    Nice work, RWE. I want to see more.

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    Thank you for all your comments. Some of them i'm really glad to see since they are pointing out stuff i'm already looking to improve at the moment like the waterfall area or colors in this area.


    Prepare to see more of this soon!

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    Glad to see some new RWE RCT! Charming screen, make the buildings a unit higher and break up the waterfalls and it will even look better :) 

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