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    Please tell me this is the same coaster from that screen you posted on DKMP Discord! I can't wait to see it all together in game

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    Nice. The pirate roof objects are underrated. 

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    Very cool yellow glass windows, and good ride name. Interesting foliage.


    I don't love the McDonald's-colored flowers, and I think you could add another green wooden fence to cover up the pizza slices + reconsider the treasure chests trimming that bit of trackitecture, but otherwise this is nice.


    The LL-esque building structures are nice, it's an efficient building technique that's on the comeback.

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    nice, thats super cool. love the pizza hut annex

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    Foliage is top notch.

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    Awesome ncso. The lack of trackitecture is refreshing.
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    Smuggler’s Run is my favorite Rockstar game.

    Good stuff, as you know - can’t wait to see more.
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    Fix the flower colours and this is really solid (all yellow always looks good, magenta is another classic option)

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    This is lovely otter. You've improved your foliage. I'm very excited for your development as a player.

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    Foliage looks maybe a little dense, but aside from that this is a very good screen. Very tasteful. I love that restaurant(?) building!

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    Some solid micro here Otter, and is that LL textures I see?  Interesting.


    Only thing I'd watch out for is not making your paths and stuff too straight and geometric, curves, angles, and more flowing path will definitely elevate everything here and make it feel more natural.

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    Thanks for the comments everyone. Dense foliage is intentional.. will definitely thin it out in other areas of the park. Trying to build quickly using LL textures and not relying on the tile inspector. Also will try to add more path shape variety!!
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    The fact this isn't overdetailed is refreshing. It looks like old school NCSO, but with modern design and composition. I love it.

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    Exceptional screen and in actuality, the red/yellow flowers combined with the wooden coaster trains colors is wonderful thematizing in my book. I’d ponder if accentuating the color combo more so in the area various other ways, perhaps on the slide. There are however, as it seems to me, three architectural styles in view: the old school RCT brick buildings, the pirate building (side note: build the pirate fence right below the roof all the way around instead of the wood post fence in the front unless it’s meant as a sign?), and the pizza building. They’re quite nice individually, but I’d venture to purpose a more consistent grain size overall, and more attention to overall composure  in the big picture as opposed to many small pictures, if that makes any sense. I see a micro-detailed pizza building with many thematic object pieces on the left of a building (with the pirate roof) somewhat cohesive to it, yet scrolling left a less detailed coaster station with little character and similar architecture to it further left. Though the screen is already well-composed for the most part, aside from some things I’d personally disagree with. The wooden coaster looks nice. I rather enjoy the indent of red sand the track passes through, and it seems the ride is shaped well. Foliage looks good without hogging the spotlight. Colors could maybe use a bit of work but they’re mostly good. “Smuggler’s Run” is a great screen.

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