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    Such a vibe. Strong move putting the lift hill -- and actually, really the whole coaster -- over the path, especially with the CH0NKY supports.


    Keep chippin away!

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    Guess I might as well make this a before and after while we're at it.  Also circa 2005.  


    Attached Image: Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 11.37.02 PM.png

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    Nice. Dont like how all trees are the same size and shape though.
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    Really cool style! 

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    Love the coaster colors, the 50 shades of brown you've got going on with the buildings not so much. 

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    Sadly the calm from your previous version seems lost which is a pity. Otherwise an interesting "floaty" composition.

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    Huge improvement over the 2005 version, imo, while still maintaining the nice retro vibe. Good work! 

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