Screenshot / Scenes from Magic Mountain (3/9)


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    Beautiful. The chunky, full-tile structure leaves plenty for the viewer to fill in their own mental detail, and the overall composition lets them do it by making it super easy to imagine yourself in the park.
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    I think that station is incredible. Really nice shape to it

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    Looks good nerd
  • ottersalad%s's Photo

    Thats a very cool looking station

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    Looks good nin. Think you're under-using shrubs and the red ground texture is too much. You've already put a lot of attention and detail into landscaping, and the red pushes it out of balance for me.

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    Nin's back. Can i have a 'fuck yeah!'


    Great as always, not much to add. Do carry on please :p 

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    This is ugly.
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    Great job. I particularly like the helix sunk into the landscape and the monorail diagonally crossing the mine train bridge.

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    I like the missing roof piece as theming. 

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    This is the best screen of the three. Could use maybe one more color to fill it out - and the trees are bordering on too sparse. But yeah, always great to see more nin work, it's always a good time 

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    The yellow train line really gave a special touch, I liked it :)
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    Like the station, the rest feels kind of lacking.

    Cant lay a finger on the "problem" though.

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    Minimal but positively engaging Could use more path details/features.

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