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    On this picture it looks like it's weirdly rotated to the right. I think there should be more beams in the middle too, about six or something.
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    It doesn't really seem big enough, but it's a nice object nonetheless (I'm assuming you made it?).

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    does the wheel itself move :0

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    Daaaum. You're going all the way with the custom stuff huh? I like!

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    Its looking good is it going to be finished soon

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    Looks good, although I don't like the brown, colourless atmosphere.


    Be careful that you keep using the objects as a tool to create the park you want to make. I'm getting the idea that you are building projects just to use and show of objects that you created and that's not a good starting point.
    The objects should be created in service of the park, not the other way around, if you understand what I'm saying. 

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    I love it. This takes me back to when Toon was active and you'd strain your eyes looking to see what fun new objects were included.


    Your parkmaking is really starting to get good as you are getting more diverse with what you build.

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    @ Wouter : Yes, it feels a bit tilted, i agree. It's also the first one i've made, very difficult. But the result is very pleasing for a first time i.m.o.

    And the beams don't have to be more, like six, i've seen several water wheels via google and they all differ from 4 spoke small wheels till 16 spoke (or more) big wheels.


    @ CSW : It's a small water wheel, not unrealistic.

    I've made the wheel myself, starting from fishermans clock wall.


    @ GDB : Yes it does. Feast your eyes when my design is submitted.


    @ Angroc : Lol, glad you like it.


    @ olddtfan : It's finished. You can expect it soon.


    @ Faas : I'm not so good with colors like you Faas. ;)


    It's not like that though. I'm not creating objects to show of. Nor am i starting projects just to make objects.

    It's more like an addiction and the fact that the boundaries of rct2 still aren't set yet...

    It's also a challenge toward myself, to see how persistent i can be to achieve something (somewhat low self esteem). So it also helps me to develop myself... probably sounds strange, but it's the way it is.


    It's just cool that you can make pieces for this game and i'm happy that i can please others with it too... pure unselfishness. :D

    It also makes the game more enjoyable to me, with all these new objects comes a lot of new possibilities...


    @ Kumba : Me too. Too bad i wasn't aware of NE back then.

    But yeah, the first custom objects i received when being a noob, inspired me greatly to start playing again.

    Let's keep NE and rct alive. :)


    Thanks everyone! :)

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    Nice atmosphere! I think the wheel looks wrong though. Hard to discribe, Circles are hard to do in perspective, so maybe you could work on it a bit more?


    Here's a screen how a circle should look in dimetric perspective:



    Keep it up!



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    Thanks 5Dave.


    How about teaming up for that?

    It's very hard indeed and i'm not going to remodel this one anymore.

    Although, i've been thinking about making a slightly bigger one, since this one didn't filled the whole tile yet.


     I've started out with the fishermanns clock wall, hoping it would work out, but the fact that i made it bigger, screwed up the dimetric perspective i guess.

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    I see. Nevermind then.
    What programs do you use for object making?



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    Paint and Gimp.


    I only need a perfect cirle with a length of exactly one tile to start a new one.

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    Does that mean you will be holding releasing this until you can make a better one.

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    No, it'll be released soon.

    I'm doing the final touches on the design, so it's a matter of days.


    I'm probably going to create a new water wheel in the future.

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    Great to hear. I am a huge fan of highly detailed parks So much to see and yours are some of the beast along with airtime and others.

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    Thanks. :)

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    Its a nice screen for sure and I do like the water wheel, but the foliage is the one weak spot to me. 

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    nice atmosphere

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    A very nice addition as an object, but I do agree that it's ever so slightly off. It really does fit in well though, and I like the fact that it moves (in the same way that I like the gear objects, as I feel it helps an area come to life a bit more).

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