Screenshot / More Coasters have come to Arid Heights!


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    comment below
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    Alot more!

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    ... but why?

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    solid coaster density, but your park needs more jagged rocks!



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    "I know this is crazy and unrealistic but i just did it for fun!"

    its ok, nice screen
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    Well thank you! Also i been having a hard time posting different screens that i convert from bmp to jpg on windows paint when you save as and when i was trying to upload a bumbly beach screen no matter which i convert to it you go to oops something went wrong error adding screenshot! Also some parks of mine i can upload and some i cant amd my most recent one i tried to upload was octagon park which i posted a screen about it and i know someone said this site wants realistic creations and i understand my screens and parks arent meant to be here but i am welcome too! But hopefully i can find some other way to fix my screens since i cant upload my parks!

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    Thanks for the spaghetti, historyfreak, but it needs more Parmesan.

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