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    nice buildings, not sure about that base for the coaster building. could do with some detail.

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    Theres some really clever uses of wwtt pieces here in a less gaudy way than usual. Nice
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    That tree in the bumped up grass in the middle of the flowers on the queue edges makes for a really great scene.


    Lots of vandalism on the street lights though yeesh

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    The sawtooth pattern on the station is real neat.

  • RaunchyRussell%s's Photo

    Awesome use of some usually ugly objects! Works very well here.

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    Lots of fun archy stuff!

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    Sweet station. If you manage to get this on PC, be sure to hide the entrance huts for a cleaner look. 


    There's definitely some odd object choices here too, but the only one that truly bothers me/looks bad is that tree at the top of the screen. Just doesn't match the game's perspective in the slightest. A combo of default trees would look much better. 

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    Loved the buildings :)

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    Very creative - especially love the station- thinking that could work well for a whale themed ride of some sort too- you're welcome to try that idea!

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