Screenshot / Mini Radiator Springs Section WDS Paris


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    Hey this looks pretty sweet! Pretty charming overall. A bit too much of the LOTR rocks imo, especially since they look the same. You want to get some variation in there. I also think a more reddish color would fit the theme better :)

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    Nice, this is looking good!

    The entrance to the land on the right is looking a little narrow and doesn’t seem to flow as good as a Disney park should but overall well done.
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    Was a good choice to make the entryway into the area diagonal as opposed to 90 degree like before. The structures are looking nice and I love the tyre stack.

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    The problem with the LOTR rocks is that they should be used more as accents than a replacement for terrain and landscaping. As they are currently, they seem randomly assorted to fill the space, but maybe combined with actual landscaping and other pieces (Kryptonian rocks), you could start created actual shape and form with them. 

    Rocks are not just blocky blobs, they have structure. 

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    gee! Jene, I loved the color, it is very nice and fun to see.
    I loved the red truck. :)

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    I love how open and visible everything is, my favourite piece is definitely the truck you've built. I think in a similar theme to others the rock is a bit much but I can see if you rotate the camera 90 degrees that it may actually compliment the building in front quite well!

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    Thnx guys. I´ve had another look at the rocks and tried to mix in some more kryptonian and 1k rocks in, to break it up a bit more. I tried to find a better color for the rocks by using the palettemaker, but as I showed on the Discord, it didn´t exactly work out. So for now, I´ll just go with the (too bright) pink. 


    Thnx to Leon for the great advice on changing the gate to diagonal. 


    @Airtime; I think you mean the entrance to the Toy Story Playland. I placed the entrance sign one or two units further which helped. And I think it looks better from the other angle. 

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