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    I am super here for this.

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    Loving the floor decorations to break up the brown. Also the old Chinese building integrates nicely with the more modern ground floor glass level. Bridge is also super fun to look at. Don't know anything about Dragon Ball but I'd be down to find out through no other means than just this park.

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    Looks superfun Splitvision. I´m looking forward to seeing this in-game. 

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    I know jack shit about Dragon Ball apart that it takes them 9000 screams to throw one punch, but the RCT looks great and I think the concept is a good one. I'll look forward to this.

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    I think it takes them over 9000 screams actually. Never cared for the show either, as maybe the only boy in my elementary school class. Didn't submit to peer pressure and will not submit now. 0%




    Not actually 0%, this is good work. Great archy, and I think even the foliage works. Can't believe you've nearly finished a full scale solo all of a sudden. How!?

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    yeah never watched the show or anything, but this makes me super excited to see more!

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    Oh fuck yeah. Always wanted to do an anime park but could never think of an anime to do well. Excited to see this.

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    lol that Dragonball sign object is very well done. Super excited for this.

    edit: maybe remove the black artifacts around the path objects? Makes it look a bit superimposed. 

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    Like others, not super well versed in the world of Dragonball, but the styling looks excellent and captures that vibrant feel I'd assume with anime. Excited to see this in-game. 

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    Never heard of Dragon Ball, but looking forward to see the park.

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    Looking good, especially that entrance building and the custom signs.

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    I'm not familiar with Dragon Ball either, but I'm definitely very excited for this. Love the entrance building and overall layout of this plaza, and the custom sign is great. I also really like the continuous use of the white water objects to give that fast running river effect.

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    Thanks for the comments! Based on what I'm reading here, the overlap between NE and DB doesn't exactly seem to be huge... I hope you'll enjoy the park anyway - it is now submitted! :)

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    this shit slaps bro
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    Where can we find it? Very curious! Looks great!
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    @batwing - Thanks, I submitted it about three days ago so it should be out in a couple of days :)

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    I'm stoked to see the finished product of this... really a good idea for a theme park.

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